Terms of cooperation with artists

Limited Liability Company "AytiInvest" (hereinafter referred to as «LIKENESS», «LIKEness.us», «site likeness.us», "service LIKENESS"), on the one hand, and the artist (the "Artist"), the present offer posted on the Internet at http://likeness.us/en/uslovia , we have entered into this User Agreement ("Agreement ") as follows:

Terms and definitions

User - visitor Itinvest.su registered on the website.

Artist - Users who have undergone registration as an artist online likeness.us.

Client - the user who ordered the creation of the portrait on the site likeness.us.

Product - the picture painted by the artist based downloadable client, a user image.

Website http://likeness.us - a site owned by LLC "AytiInvest" and having an address on the Internet likeness.us allows the artist to place the work in his own style on the site likeness.us.

My account - User's private space on the website likeness.us for interaction between the client and the site administrator likeness.us. Access to Personal Account is available to artists who have passed the registration procedure on the website likeness.us and whose works are approved by the administrator.

Subject of the Agreement

  • The site provides likeness.us artist to place his work on the site likeness.us to provide services for drawing pictures, and provides the opportunity to interact with the client through the personal account.
  • LIKENESS engaged in search and advertising resources in order to provide orders to artists.
  • The artist has the right to set any price for their work. Change can be no more than the 1st time in a month.
  • LIKENESS has the right to set any ratio to the value of the artist including less than the cost of the artist, compensating for the difference artist.
  • Work uploaded by the artist's website Likeness.us, can be used for advertising resource.

Registration and purchase works of artist

  • When registering the artist, it is necessary to provide a unique work of any celebrity, which he likes that style, which plans to place.
  • Likeness.us buys this work the artist for 50% of the value of its work in the following way:
    • The work is purchased immediately after the download and distribution of works by the site. All rights to possession of pictures with the possibility of changes and improvements pass LIKEness.us.
    • Payment installments, based on the value of work and the user when ordering the user works. The price of works is not fixed and depends on the value of the artist. Likeness.us pays for each order of 10% of the order value.
    • The work is purchased immediately after the download and distribution of works by site.

Terms of correspondence with the client and penalties

  • LIKEness.us can be viewed and correspondence of the artist and the client in order to improve the quality of services
  • The artist, while communicating in a private office DO NOT :
    • Insulting, swearing to speak out and show any disrespect for the client. Can lock complete user and freezing of all funds in the account.
    • Transfer all your contacts data (e-mail, phone numbers, skype ...) in any way. Can lock complete user and freezing of all funds in the account.
    • Discuss the administration of the project LIKEness.us. Possible fine.
    • Transfer files / images in any way, except for a chat in a private office. Possible fine.
    • transmit images without readable inscriptions on the image "likeness.us". Guaranteed fine.
    • Violations deadlines work. Possible fine.

Money transfer to the account of the artist

  • The funds can be transferred in any convenient manner from Likeness to the artist.
  • Optimal transfer to a bank account under a contract with LIKENESS.

Sending work

  • Delivery osuschestvelyaetsya by sending the file through a personal account of the artist in a special chat on request
  • Also, delivery of goods (a graphic image that is loaded by the user) is sent to the post office (link to graphic work), specified in the registration, which provides additional safety.
  • In case of loss of client work, he can always go to your personal cabinet in a closed project and download their work. Likeness.us not delete the job.

Intellectual Property

  • All rights belong Likeness.us downloadable works as long as the customer does not confirm the successful completion of the work
  • The client confirmed the completion of the project and the transfer of funds to the artist gets ownership of the painting without the ability to clean up the site name to the work and the author of the project.
  • The client confirmed the completion of the project and the transfer of funds to the artist, will be entitled to any use of pictures without permission.

terms of this agreement are subject to change without notice, and be complemented by artists. Terms and conditions are valid from the time of publication on this page.