Terms and Conditions

Limited Liability Company "AytiInvest" (hereinafter referred to as «LIKENESS», «LIKEness.us», «site likeness.us», "service LIKENESS"), on the one hand, and a third person, the "client", " customer "enjoying the site and / or accept this offer, placed in the Internet at http://likeness.us/en/uslovia , we have entered into this User Agreement ("Agreement") as follows:

Terms and definitions

User - visitor likeness.us, registered on the website.

Client - the user who ordered the creation of the portrait on the site likeness.us.

Product - the picture painted by the artist based downloadable client, a user image.

Artist - Users who have undergone registration as an artist online likeness.us.

Website http://likeness.us - a site owned by LLC "AytiInvest" and having an address on the Internet likeness.us , where the customer can order a portrait painter in the style to please him.

My account - User's private space on the website of the Company to implement the order. Access to Personal Account is available to customers who have made the work order, passing the procedure of ordering the service.

Subject of the Agreement

  • 1.1. Site likeness.us provides services to create portraits that loads the user through the form on the site when placing the order for the development of portraits.
  • 1.2. Site likeness.us allows the user to select the desired style and ordered a portrait of the artist.

Date of manufacture

  • 1.1. Development time portraits are approximate and may be extended
  • 1.2. Customer understands that the terms may be greater when you add comments to the portrait in order, or if there will be additional requirements to the picture as its creation


  • The refund is carried out by sending the request of the Administration site using the form in the client's personal account.
  • Possible reasons for a refund:
    1. delay the project schedule by more than 2 times of the maximum period specified in the order of work. In this case, the funds shall be returned in full.
    2. Do not like the picture. Given the fact that this opinion is subjective for each person, we:
    • In case the artist some reason painted a picture not booked your style, we will refund you 100% of the payment amount.
    • In case the artist made a painting in the style you ordered, BUT, the result you were not satisfied, we will refund you 50% of your paid work.
    3. After confirming the completion of the project and the transfer of funds to the account of the artist becomes a refund is not possible. The customer when ordering must take this into account and assumes the risk. We are, if you try to complete the project, we notify that the refund becomes possible, and all rights are transferred to the client.
    IMPORTANT : Any refund any amount will automatically terminate your right to own, use the picture in any way (print, the internet, etc.) in case of detection of illegal materials used company ItInvest He has the right to go to court.
    The funds are returned only to the same account from which they came and tighter payment system.


  • The goods are delivered by sending the file through a personal account by a special chat on request
  • Also, the delivery of goods (a graphic image that is loaded by the user) is sent to the post office (link to graphic work), specified in the registration, which provides additional safety.
  • In case of loss of client work, he can always go to your personal cabinet in a closed project and download their work. Likeness.us not delete the job.

Sending mail canvas
  • Likeness.us doing everything in order to transfer the goods was successful, but can not guarantee! Refunds can only be for the amount of delivery of pictures!
  • The main item Likeness.us a portrait format jpeg, psd, png and other image formats, which can be sent remotely via the Internet and sent to the client through the personal user account.
  • In case the canvas for any reason will not be delivered or in the delivery process damaged, corrupted and any other reason, the client should:
    • 1. Contact the site administrator in a private office through a form of interaction with the site or by mail adminstratsiey info@likeness.us .
    • 2. Indicate the reason (the picture is damaged, the picture is not taken, the premise came empty) and the order number.
    • 3. Identify possible ways to compensate for the amount of shipment. Return 100% of the shipment or 150% of the amount in the form of discount coupons.
    • 4. Refunds can only be to the account from which the payment order.

Intellectual Property

  • All rights belong Likeness.us downloadable works as long as the customer does not confirm the successful completion of the work.
  • The client confirmed the completion of the project and the transfer of funds to the artist gets ownership of the painting without the ability to clean up the site name to the work and the author of the project.
  • The client confirmed the completion of the project and the transfer of funds to the artist, will be entitled to any use of pictures without permission.

If you are an artist, read cooperation conditions for artists here.